The Immutable ushers in a new class of product which enables people to reclaim what is rightfully theirs — words, photos and artwork — all those things that make us human. These products collectively form:

The Immutable Network.

The ideas of The Immutable are certainly interesting.

Sunny King

It's a good dream to have... a decentralized
publishing platform that is immutable!

Zheng 'Bruce' Li

The DARA browser extension is the first step to immutability.

DARA saves articles to a decentralised cloud storage system (IPFS) while simultaneously recording metadata on a blockchain to verify authenticity and protect intellectual property.

A decentralised publishing platform permits authors to resell or license their work at their discretion using smart contracts.

The result is an unstoppable, uncensorable and unparalleled publishing platform.
FELIX is the world's first dictionary on a blockchain.

A pilot project created together with Sunny King (the creator of Proof of Stake) and V Systems.

FELIX demonstrates cutting-edge blockchain scaling for the most important of use-cases.

What is The Immutable?

The Immutable creates powerful and highly accessible technologies that enable the permanent, uncensorable and immutable storage of knowledge and information.

At the heart of The Immutable is a decentralised group of stakeholders who vote on how best to protect the knowledge moving forward, and on future products
powered by a unique profit-sharing model.


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Development Team

Louis Miles

Director of Business Development


Zheng 'Bruce' Li


Christopher Charles



Thoughts and Quotes related to The Immutable Project

Sunny King

Founder of Proof of Stake & Lead Architect of V Systems

The ideas of The Immutable are certainly interesting

Zheng 'Bruce' Li

Co-Founder of

It's a good dream to have...
a decentralized publishing platform that is immutable!


Founder of The Immutable

Censorship is out of control. It's time to hit the brakes and give people what they need, simple products to change their lives and preserve their thoughts.

In the face of censorship and centrally controlled and broken publishing paradigms, The Immutable is solving one of the great struggles of our times; a platform for free speech, free words, and free knowledge.

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